Extimates You will Love

Leave the antiquated Excel and Word attachments to the accountants. Dive into Quote Roper and send pricing that your clients will open immediately.

  • It's Super Easy.

    With just a few taps, Quote Roper enables you to create formatted project estimate emails that will help you land freelance jobs.

  • It Adjusts to Your Needs.

    No matter where you are or what you are doing, Quote Roper's convenient, customizable projects makes estimating a snap!

  • Tap. Tap. Done!

    With blazingly fast access to a database of pre-populated projects, there's no need to wade through old invoices.

Awesome Features

We wanted a tool that addressed the varied needs of designers and developers. Here are just a few:

  • Freelance or Agency?

    Adapts to suit your needs whether you are working alone or part of a larger team.

  • Personalized email template

    Generic emails are a thing of the past. Send out custom emails for each project.

  • Custom Project Hours

    Use the default project hours or customize them to suit the project's needs.

  • Favorites and Recents

    Save and recall past projects by either favoriting them or viewing recent projects.

  • Track Project Status

    Manage projects by tagging them according to feedback received.

  • Fun & Engaging Interface

    In app characters motivate and encourage you to continue creating estimates.

How It Works

We designed Quote Roper to do one thing, and do it well: Send no-fuss estimates to potential clients.

As occasional freelancers ourselves, we wanted to build software that we'd actually use. Quote Roper began with the simple idea that estimating projects shouldn't be so time consuming, especially if you're just looking to see if a new prospective client is worth investing additional time in discussing the nuances of a more robust contract.

Benefits Of Quote Roper

  • Being able to call up pre-defined projects and send them in under 10 seconds (yes, we've timed it) ensures you're not wasting valuable design time.

  • Simple and lightweight, Quote Roper is self containted and doesn't need to constantly connect to the internet like other apps. Your data lives on your phone.

  • Starting a conversation with a new client about pricing can often be a challenge. With Quote Roper, you can adjust your rates based on the type of project and client.

  • We've bult a product that's extensible and can grow with your needs. New in-app modules will periodically be made available to address varous types of work.

Additional Features

A lot of blood and sweat goes into creating an app. Here are a few things you won't find in other tools...

Crafted With Love

As designers, we wanted a tool we'd use ourselves.

Exclusively iPhone

Because we design on Macs, the iPhone made sense.

Built for Speed

Selecting and modifying jobs is only a matter of a few clicks.

Project Launchpad

Gamified UI encourages you to send more estimates.

Our Quick Pitch

If you're a designer or PM, here's the quickest, easiest way to understand why you need Quote Roper.

Thoughts on Pricing and Estimating

We've written a few things to help you when deciding on how to use our product.

The "Make me a logo" Question

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