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If you're a graphic designer, you've no doubt heard this countless times from friends and colleagues. Another common scenario is the "How much would you charge for..." followed by a verbal description of what the client thinks they want. If you're like me, you're tired of coming up with the answers off he top of your head and most of the time you can't give a precise quote because the potential client isn't even sure what they want (meaning you can count on multiple revisions). Either way, you are in luck. Quote Roper not only eliminates the need to remember what you charged for something similar in the past, it also makes it possible for you to be more firm with your estimates. Too many uncertainties around a project? Provide an estimate that reflects that. How about rush charges? Done and done. Just go into Quote Roper's settings and adjust your rates accordingly. Quote Roper will automatically adjust any project you generate to the specific circumstances for which you are building your estimate. It's like having a trusted accountant in your pocket, except without the monthly bill.

Project Managers Rejoice

As a project manager, you probably hate having to go to your designer every time you need to provide a client with an estimate. Even worse, more often than not, the same designer will give different estimates for a similar project they worked on for you previously. Quote Roper takes the guesswork out of creating estimates. This exceptional program also adds consistency and speed to your workflow by providing a quick, accessible way for you to call up projects and create informed, well structured, professional looking emails to send to your contacts. You'll also be able to follow up efficiently and easily, check the current status of your quotes, and whether or not any need to be closed.

Hold Clients Accountable

Substandard project estimates are the primary reason freelancers end up underpaid and overworked. If you know that you have the skills to deliver on a project request, don't let the prospect or current client persuade you into taking on a job for less money than you feel your time is worth. Quote Roper provides a firm foundation for estimate calculation so you'll never need to second guess yourself regarding how much to charge. Quote Roper calculates your rates depending on formulas that are established for standard projects. Feel the need to change something? You'll be able to edit each project template individually to better accommodate specific demands. Calculate an estimate of how much you’ll make from each project and make pricing adjustments accordingly. In other words, you'll be tweak your pricing based on different markup rates, giving you full control over your final estimate.

Guarantees Client Satisfaction

Customers like to have an accurate idea of what a job will cost. They also expect a speedy response. With Quote Roper, you can impress your potential and current clients with professional looking, customized quotes in minutes. Remember the good old days when you'd have to fight with Excel or Word to put together boring looking project estimates? Let's face it - there nothing fun about digging through old invoices. With Quote Roper, you'll be able to browse through our substantial project library filled with templates that match your needs. If you don't see any that are right for you, you'll easily be able to edit your own.

So, the next time someone says "Make me a logo," use Quote Roper to provide quick, consistent answers. Get paid what you're worth and at the same time you'll end up with a happy client, both because your estimates will be accurate.

Anthony Rezendes


Anthony is an experienced creative director and visual problem solver based out of Austin, TX. He enjoys running, mountain biking, and attending UX workshops and industry-related events. His entrepreneurial pursuits keep him busy but enjoys collaborating with like-minded folks. Feel free to reach out with any exciting projects of your own.