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As a small business owner, much of your time is spent managing the business. Whether it's putting on your marketing hat to drum up business during the slower months or farming out additional work when you are slammed. We all understand how difficult it can be running your own solo-preneur studio or coordinating your small to medium sized agency. It's hard when you're running your own design boutique or are a freelancer to wear multiple hats. What you need to have time to do is to focus on what's important - creating killer designs.

Being an entrepreneur isn't about going it alone

It comes down to identifying needs, having the ability to find the right team members and using time saving tools to make it possible to turn your vision into a reality. There's no better way to become a successful entrepreneur than by having access to the people and innovative tools that free up much needed time. In today's world, small businesses and freelancers need to have so many skills, covering so many fields that it's virtually impossible to do everything themselves. The good news is, you can keep everything under control and have fun doing it - just use the right tools, choose great team members and learn to delegate. Here are a few things to think about.

Time Is Money

It's the old saying (thank you Benjamin Franklin) that we've all heard and understand, but to what extent do you really apply it to your business? Don't waste it on menial tasks that take you away from what you're good at. Whatever your time is worth, think about each and every activity that you're spending time doing on a regular basis. Next, delegate the tasks you shouldn't be spending your valuable time on and find innovative tools that will make important, money generating tasks easier to carry out. A good example would be Quote Roper which provides the freedom for you to get back to what you do well.

More about Quote Roper

Sending email estimates as a starting point to getting a signed quote for a project is crucial in making sure you're not over promising/under delivering. As every good project manager/business owner knows, it can be excruciating if you're working on projects that you feel you've underestimated or worse didn't account for something. With Quote Roper you get closer to the true cost of your work without really having to go through the laborious process of sizing up the job. Let the tool do that for you while you get busy creating your next design masterpiece. After all, the client is paying you for the work, not how great of an accountant you are.

Anthony Rezendes


Anthony is an experienced creative director and visual problem solver based out of Austin, TX. He enjoys running, mountain biking, and attending UX workshops and industry-related events. His entrepreneurial pursuits keep him busy but enjoys collaborating with like-minded folks. Feel free to reach out with any exciting projects of your own.